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Recent Discovery of Lead Tablet in Ancient Hebrew Proves Jewish Exodus and Entry into Promised Land

Archeological Discovery at Mount Ebal by Aaron Lipkin

Audio file has limited value because Aaron used a power point presentation during his teaching to our church.

From Aaron Lipkin’s Website

For centuries, the Bible served as a history book for many explorers, archeologists and historians.

During the 1960’s and 70’s a new school of thought took over the academic world and began dictating an anti-biblical theory in the fields of history and archeology. They claim that it is not possible to learn history from the Bible and that the majority of the biblical stories are not true or are distorted by authors of much later periods.

Their claim is that you cannot count on a 2,500 year tradition unless you have clear proof in the field of archeology. Because there was no archeological evidence of the Exodus, or the presence of the Israelite people in the land of Israel, then…. it did not happen, and it must be a fairytale.

This was and still is the dominent attitude of the academic world.



After the Six Day War in 1967, many Israeli archeologists conducted surveys in the mountains of Judea and Samaria that were for most years, uncharted territory.

One of them, a young and secular kibbutz member by the name of Adam Zartal, took it upon himself to conduct a thorough survey of northern and central Samaria. In 1982, during his survey of Mt. Ebal, Professur Zartal, of the Haifa University, found a peculiar pile of stones on the north eastern slopes of Mt. Ebal. He decided to excavate the site. Little did he know that he stumbled upon the greatest archeological discovery ever…the clearest proof to the Bible’s historical account!





We highly recommend purchasing professor Adam Zertal’s book about the altar of Joshua titled: “A Nation Born”. The book is available on our website for purchase.

The book is also availabel for purcahse in EBOOK format on Kindle.

This is an important read for both past visitors to the altar but especially for those that are planning to visit the site in the future and would like to be better prepared for the visit.






You also have the opportunity to get a more in depth teaching by our CEO Aaron Lipkin in his world renowned bible teaching titled: “The Divine Choice”. In this teaching you will get more of a believing angle to the discovery including the importance of the altar to each and every one of us today, 3,300 years after it was built.

This teaching is available on our website for purcahse.

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