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The Origin of Comets, Asteroids & Trans Neptunian Objects: Solving The Puzzle Above Us – Part 1

The origin of comets and asteroids, including Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs), is a puzzle to secular and creation scientists alike. Scientists who maintain that comets originate from the far-distant Oort Cloud are baffled by discoveries of comet composition and morphology that belie the Oort Cloud theory. Most young-earth creationists maintain that these bodies were part of the original creation, along with the sun, moon, planets, and stars. In this video, you will see that these bodies could not have been part of the original creation, a creation that God proclaimed “good” or “very good” at least seven times in Genesis 1 since these bodies can cause severe damage when they fall to earth. In fact, NASA’s successful data-gathering DART mission was conceived, launched, and executed to deflect a perceived major incoming threat in the near future. How could objects that can cause death and destruction be “good?” Further, the Bible suggests that one or more meteor impacts will be part of God’s future judgment of the earth. If these cosmic bodies were not part of the original, good creation, then when and how were they formed? This video presents the Hydroplate Theory explanation for the origin of comets, asteroids, and TNOs – that they formed in space from water, rocks, and other debris ejected from the earth during the initiation of the global flood event. The Bible describes this as the day when “all the fountains [water] of the great deep were broken up” (Genesis 7:11). We also show how recent scientific discoveries about comets and asteroids show that their origin was recent, their lifetime is short, and how their composition and morphology can be understood in light of the HPT explanation. Included in this presentation are animated explanations, which are also at:    / @bryannickel_hydr…   (Bryan Nickel’s Hydroplate Channel on YouTube) and (“Horror of the Flood” DVD from Mission Imperative, the creation ministry of Mike Snavely).