Pastor Kevin Lea


Pastor Kevin Lea has been pastor at Calvary Church since its founding in 1993.  He and his wife Juanita have 2 grown sons and several grandchildren.

Kevin Lea was born into a non-believing family, growing up without any exposure to biblical Christianity. In high school, he embraced the false teaching of Edgar Cayce-style reincarnation in an attempt to fill the spiritual void in his life.

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Joel Olhava


Joel was saved out of the hippie lifestyle and Eastern mysticism and into the reality of Jesus as my LORD and Savior.  The Word of God, the Bible, is the foundation of his new life in Christ, the touchstone for testing all we encounter in life (1 Thes. 5:21).

Joel has been at Calvary Church since 2005.  Life in this world can be tedious at times but life in Jesus is always fresh and renewing.  He has five adult children and many grandchildren, is a retired R.N.  He and his wife Renee  seek to grow together in the grace and knowledge of Jesus the LORD.

Frank D’Andrea


Frank grew up in Gig Harbor, WA and married Louise in 1978.  Together they were blessed with two daughters, Joleen and Rita, and a son Kyle.  Both came to know the Lord Jesus in the fall of 1982 and have been living in Port orchard since 1992. They have been attending Calvary Church almost 20 years and have been greatly blessed by the teaching and fellowship.  Together they have been involved in the children’s ministry and home fellowships.

Frank retired from the Boeing Company in the spring of 2014 after 32 years and now works full time on his extensive honey do list.

Jeremy Schooler

Ministry Assistant, Youth & Children’s Ministry Director

Jeremy grew up in Port Orchard. He had some limited exposure to Christianity as a child. Because of that exposure, Jeremy would have told you that he was a Christian. Growing up he did believe in God and in Jesus dying and raising from the grave to pay for our sins. However, Jeremy never understood what or how this “Jesus guy” some 2000 years ago could and should affect him personally. After spending most of his teenage years as a rebellious child, he worked in the construction field for about ten years. It wasn’t until he was twenty seven years old that he finally bowed the knee to Jesus and was truly born again as a child of God! If you’d like to read his testimony click here.

Jeremy was married to Maranda in August of 2003. They have three wonderful children, two girls – Hannah & Natalie and a boy – Benjamin. When people ask Jeremy “how he is doing?” he often replies “I am well! Life is busy – mid-30’s and 3 kids, but we are so blessed. I really try to make sure and take time to stop and appreciate the very many blessings the Lord bestows! It is so good to be serving King Jesus in these days”