You may have noticed that Pastor Kevin has not been teaching recently. He is home recovering from surgery that has left him partially paralyzed in both of his arms, and the Lord is using him and growing him through this physical trial.

This came about after a months-long nerve pain suddenly became severe enough to send Kevin to urgent care on March 17th. 

Urgent care x-rays showed a need for an MRI and EMG, the results of which revealed the need for urgent surgery to decompress several pinched nerves and his spinal cord.  The pinched nerve in his neck paralyzed his left arm before he was able to get to surgery.  Three weeks after the urgent care visit, Kevin had surgery to his cervical spine area (a 6-vertebrae laminectomy and fusion of his C7 to T1 vertebrae joint).

This was unexpected for all of us, but we are greatly praising our Awesome God as He was prepared and already had plans in place!

Currently – mid May – he is home recovering and unable to drive. His left arm is slowly coming back, but as a result of the surgery, his right arm also became partially paralyzed and continues to cause significant pain.  Please pray that the remaining inflammation of the nerves in his neck due to surgery would subside so that the pain can be removed and that his right arm partial paralysis can also start to improve.

Prayers for the rest of the church leadership are also desired – that we would continue being obedient to the Holy Spirit’s lead! Praise the Lord Jesus as we see His sustaining hand and leading happening in many ways. We are very blessed to simply be where He has us in the moment.

We will try to update this page periodically. Please check back for updates.