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Origin of Comets, Asteroids and TNOs – Topical

This topical teaching by Pastor Kevin was given using a Power Point Presentation on the Origin of Comets, Asteroids and Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs) in our solar system.  The teaching was based on Dr. Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory explanation for the flood of Noah, which relates to these objects in our solar system.

Big Bang scientists have been sending space probes to asteroids and comets for the last two decades in order to validate their assumptions.  These assumptions were shown to be false by the actual data – by their own admission.

But the scientific evidence brought back by these probes is perfectly consistent with what is expected by Dr. Brown’s origin theory. This study highlights one example using data from the Stardust Space mission which collected comet tail dust from the Wild2 comet and returned it to earth in 2006.

There is no audio file of this teaching since it cannot be used separate from the Power Point Presentation.  The video version of this teaching will be posted to our web site YouTube channel which will be linked from this Sermon tab as soon as it is edited and uploaded.