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The Law of the Bondservant – Exodus 20:22-21:19

The end of Exodus 20 gives Commandments Five through 10, which govern our human relationships with each other.  Together with the first four, which govern our human relationships with God, the Ten Commandments of Exodus 20 reveal God as holy, just, and loving and served to help establish a just and orderly society in the new nation.  Even though imperfectly obeyed throughout Israel’s history, they did help preserve the Jewish race to the present day.  Chapter 20 concludes with additional requirements and prohibitions for worshipping this holy God.  Though Christians are not under the Mosaic Law, Pastor Kevin explains that the principles and prohibitions against idolatry and sexual immorality apply to us today.

In Chapter 21, God establishes additional laws to guide the Jewish people as they settled in the Promised Land, including the law of the bondservant, manslaughter, parent-child relationships, kidnapping, and personal injury offenses.  In consideration of the times and culture, we see that in each case, God’s laws were just and protective, especially of those who are most vulnerable in any society, women, and children.  Pastor Kevin draws our attention to how “modern” society is deteriorating because we mock and reject God’s laws.  We stand amazed at the perfect and loving law of God.


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