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Whatcha Gonna Do When He Doesn’t Come For You? April 5, 2020

In this teaching, Pastor Kevin asks the curious unbeliever, “Whatcha Gonna Do when He [Jesus] doesn’t Come for You.”  In other words, what is a person to do who misses the Rapture of the church.

Kevin starts by going over the scriptures about the church being “caught up” (raptured) to be with God before the judgment of God falls upon the earth.  Scriptures covered include how the church is aware of these events because we read and believe God’s word, but the person left behind did not take the time to learn, understand and believe; thus the future days will find them unaware and left behind.

In order to help the curious come to the light, Kevin then covers the things that a post-rapture person should expect.  To start off, he points out that at first all those left behind will be exposed as being non-Christians, even those who were church goers, pastors, etc.  If they were true believers, they would not have been left behind.  They cannot be trusted to tell the truth after the rapture.

Then Kevin covers the scriptures which show how war and famine will soon lead to the death of one forth of the world’s population; how these wars will result in a world government and an Antichrist world leader; how God will have 144,000 Jewish men and two witnesses in Jerusalem who will be hated by the world but protected by God as they take the place of the church in being a witness of the gospel on earth during the first 3.5 years of the tribulation period.

Then the Antichrist becomes possessed and kills the two witnesses, who are then taken to heaven along with the 144,000 while God sends angels to warn the inhabitants of the world to repent and believe in the God who created the heavens and the earth, and to not worship the Antichrist or take his name in their hands or foreheads.  Anyone who refuses to listen to God’s angels will be eternally judged.

Kevin closes with a final appeal to the unbeliever to come to saving faith now so they can be saved from their sins and to avoid the times of unprecedented trouble coming to the earth.  Kevin points out that it is not too late after the rapture, but it will cost the person their life as people who come to saving faith after the rapture will likely be killed in the judgments or by martyrdom as the antichrist and global government work together to kill all those who believe, but the souls of these “tribulation saints” will be saved and in heaven forever.

Until the rapture, Kevin also encourages the believer to walk in obedience to Jesus and to be used to warn the lost while there is still time.


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