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Persecution Starts Again and James is Murdered – Acts 11:19-12:25

Today’s study starts a new division in the Book of Acts, which chronicles the spread of the gospel beyond Jerusalem and Judea.  Pastor Kevin begins with a brief recap of prior divisions, tracing the history of the early church and how God used the early Christians – even through persecution and martyrdom – to begin spreading the gospel to peoples beyond Jerusalem. …

Whoever Believes in Him Will Receive Remission of Sins – Acts 10:1-11:18

In our study today, we see how God prepares and then directs his willing servant Peter to do what would have otherwise been unthinkable for this righteous Jew – enter the home of a Roman centurion with God’s message of salvation through faith in Jesus.  That God was opening the door of salvation to Gentiles without requiring them to first convert to Judaism…

God Uses Peter to Raise Tabitha from the Dead – Acts 9:21-42

Today’s study examines various passages in Acts and Paul’s epistles to learn about the major events in Paul’s life from his conversion on the road to Damascus until he was arrested in Jerusalem at the completion of his third missionary journey, about 23 years later.   First, the radically converted Saul preaches Jesus in Damascus, before and after going to Arabia, then for a…