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Children’s Transgender Drugs Linked to Thousands of Deaths FDA Data Reveals Puberty-blocking drugs given to gender-confused children linked to 6,370 deaths in adults

by Kevin Lea

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle  September 28, 2019 Thousands have died due to reactions to drugs given to ‘transgender’ children Puberty-blocking drugs given to gender-confused “transgender” children have been linked to over 6,300 deaths in adults, data from the Food and Drug Administration reportedly shows. 6,370 adults have died from reactions from a drug that is used […]

China Exports Its Panopticon

by Kevin Lea

By Mike Riggs August/Sept 2019 Issue   Note from Pastor Kevin Lea: Coming to a country near you.   Science fiction writers have wondered for years what an all-encompassing surveillance state might look like. China decided to build it. Over the last year, The New York Times has revealed the lengths to which Beijing has gone to […]

Lead Singer of Rock Band Skillet Issues Dire Warning after Christian Influencers Publicly Renounce Their Faith ‘What Is Happening In Christianity?’

by Kevin Lea

By Sarah Taylor Aug 14, 2019 A note from Pastor Kevin Lea is embedded below. John L. Cooper, the lead singer of popular Christian rock band Skillet, issued heartfelt advice to Christian influencers who have recently renounced their Christian faith in public. Two well-known Christian influencers announced recently that they had left their Christian faith. […]

China: Social Credit System Has ‘Restored Morality’ by Blacklisting over 13 Million People

by Kevin Lea

By Frances Martel 14 May 2019 A note from Pastor Kevin Lea follows this article. China’s state-run newspaper Global Times revealed in a column defending the nation’s authoritarian “social credit system” Monday that the communist regime had blacklisted 13.49 million Chinese citizens for being “untrustworthy.” The article did not specify what these individuals did to find themselves on […]

Japan Spacecraft Drops Explosive on Asteroid to Make Crater

by Kevin Lea

By Mari Yamaguchi April 5, 2019 Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  If Dr. Walt Brown is correct about the origin of asteroids, and all the evidence coming back from space over the last decade suggest that he is, then this space probe will actually be scooping up material that was jettisoned from earth about 5,000 […]

Rare Seal Bearing Biblical Name Found In City Of David Excavation

by Kevin Lea

By Israeli ministry of foreign affairs 31 Mar 2019 Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  Once again the spade of the archeologist turns up evidence that the Bible is a reliable historical document.  Compare this to the book of Mormon, which has zero archeological evidence to support its supposed history of early America; thus showing that […]