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Study Finds Face Masks Didn’t Slow Spread of Covid-19

by Kevin Lea

By  Ashe Schow May 27, 2021 The first ecological study of state mask mandates and their use to include data from the winter case spike has found that widespread mask-wearing likely didn’t slow the spread of COVID-19. The study, conducted by the University of Louisville using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found […]

Mild COVID-19 Cases Can Lead To Antibody Protection for Life

by Kevin Lea

By Chris Melore May 25, 2021 Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  This article is based on a scientific peer reviewed study.  Its conclusion would support the policy that those who have survived mild cases of Covid (did not need to go to the hospital) are immune for life and would therefore not be required to […]

We Are Gone!!!! and You Have Been Left Behind, What Do You Do Now?

by Kevin Lea

First posted April 20, 2018 This posting Feb 11, 2021 Consider this a “message in a bottle” from someone who deeply cares about your future.  I and many others are now gone and we are not coming back in time to help you.  We tried to warn you before we left, but you were too […]