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by Kevin Lea

Are We a Calvary Chapel Association (CCA) or a Calvary Chapel Global Network (CCGN) Calvary Chapel Church? Pastor Kevin Lea is a Calvary Chapel pastor who wants to maintain the biblical distinctives that have defined Calvary Chapels for decades.  Therefore we are affiliated with the CCA branch of the Calvary Chapel Movement, and not the […]

God, A Father to the Fatherless

by Kevin Lea

Note from Pastor Kevin Lea: This letter was shared by a woman in the church as a testimony during our Wednesday night fellowship before Thanksgiving.  It was a blessing to those who attended and I suspect it will bless all who read it here.  So with Caroline’s permission here is what the Lord led her […]

Harmony of the Gospel Accounts of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

by MarandaS

The Harmony of the Gospel Accounts of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ By Pastor Kevin Lea Resurrection Sunday 2011 Original April 24, 2011 This version April 20, 2014 This handout coincides with sermon S-912-KL given on April 24, 2011 ( Note: All Scriptures are from the New King James Translation unless otherwise indicated For centuries, […]

Children’s Transgender Drugs Linked to Thousands of Deaths FDA Data Reveals Puberty-blocking drugs given to gender-confused children linked to 6,370 deaths in adults

by Kevin Lea

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle  September 28, 2019 Thousands have died due to reactions to drugs given to ‘transgender’ children Puberty-blocking drugs given to gender-confused “transgender” children have been linked to over 6,300 deaths in adults, data from the Food and Drug Administration reportedly shows. 6,370 adults have died from reactions from a drug that is used […]

Historic Flooding Could See US Food Prices Skyrocket

by Kevin Lea

By Michael Snyder March 25, 2019   Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  If this information is correct, Americans could soon be experiencing food shortages and hunger not seen since the great depression.  Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 explain that plentiful crops and healthy flocks are a gift from God to an obedient people.  These chapters […]

‘I Am Forgiven and Forever Set Free’: Global LGBT Activist Abandons Lifestyle, Surrenders to Jesus

by Kevin Lea

By Emily Jones August, 21, 2018   Internationally renowned LGBT activist Val Kalende has publicly denounced her lesbian lifestyle and says God completely transformed her with his love. Kalende was once a global champion for LGBT rights and frequently called out Christians and politicians for their support of traditional marriage. Today, she says God has forgiven her […]