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California Church Shocked After Pastor Commits Suicide

by Kevin Lea

By Emily Jones Aug 27, 2018 Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  I know nothing of this pastor, his church, family, or life.  But I can join with millions of others in grieving for those who are affected by Pastor Andrew’s suicide.  In this handout I have included: the news article from CBN, Pastor Jack […]

Workers Flee and Thieves Loot Venezuela’s Reeling Oil Giant

by Kevin Lea

June 14, 2018 By William Neuman and Clifford Krauss, New York Times A note from Pastor Kevin Lea follows this article. EL TIGRE, Venezuela — Thousands of workers are fleeing Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, abandoning once-coveted jobs made worthless by the worst inflation in the world. And now the hemorrhaging is threatening the nation’s chances […]

We Are Gone!!!! What Do You Do Now?

by Kevin Lea

Consider this a “message in a bottle” from someone who deeply cares about your future.  I and many others are now gone and we are not coming back in time to help you.  We tried to warn you before we left, but you were too distracted or disinterested.  But now, after millions of us have […]

Thoughts from a Believer Who Thought His Time on Earth was Over

by Kevin Lea

March 29, 2018 Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  I have known Mike Walsh for many years and have witnessed his profound love for his Savior, Jesus, and for those he knows (saved and unsaved). I was with Mike when he went into surgery and can testify that he was not anxious about the possibility his […]

Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?

by Kevin Lea

More comfortable online than out partying, post-Millennials are safer, physically, than adolescents have ever been. But they’re on the brink of a mental-health crisis. By Jean M. Twenge Sept 2017 Issue of The Atlantic Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  This lengthy article is written from a secular perspective.  The spiritual implications are even more severe […]

CRISPR Gene Editing Tool Causes Unintended Genetic Mutations

by Kevin Lea

By Rich Haridy May 29, 2017 Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  After reading these two articles, I hope the reader will see the foolishness of Darwinian evolution.  How can time and chance create the billions of very detailed genetic coding instructions necessary for the healthy growth and function of every living thing?  The evidence is […]

The Left’s War on Free Speech

by Kevin Lea

Kimberley Strassel Author, The Intimidation Game: How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech April 2017 • Volume 46, Number 4 • Kimberley Strassel   A note from Pastor Kevin Lea follows this article  Kimberley Strassel writes the weekly “Potomac Watch” column for The Wall Street Journal, where she is also a member of the editorial board. A graduate of Princeton […]