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A Miraculous Escape – The Story of Moshav Tekuma

Although just seven kilometers from the Gaza border, the terrorists passed Tekuma without entering it. A resident tells why.

By Sara Lehmann, Oct 21, 2023

Although not the same town as this article, this miraculous story about Tifrach relates:

Everyone will always remember where they were when they first heard of the horrors of the Simchas Torah massacre in Israel. As more and more details of the carnage emerge, the unbearable tragedy comes into focus and personal faces take the place of statistics.

For those who survived the carnage, the trauma will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Then there are those who just barely escaped. One of them is Ronit Farkash, the Head of the Municipal Committee of Moshav Tekuma and assistant to Brigadier General (Res.) and political analyst Amir Avivi.

Moshav Tekuma is a religious moshav in the Negev just seven kilometers from the Gaza border. While many moshavim and settlements nearby were terrorized, Moshav Tekuma was spared in a miraculous manner – the act of keeping Shabbos safeguarded their community. Introduced to me by the Israel Heritage Foundation, I spoke with Mrs. Farkash. She shared details of her harrowing experience and describes how life on the moshav will never be the same…

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