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Biden Creates New ‘Permanent’ Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy, Laying Foundation for Second Round of Medical Martial Law


by Leo Hohmann, July 24, 2023

Will Americans be duped again into complying with high-pressure masking, group-think, forced lockdowns, and repeated mRNA jabs?

Last week on Friday, July 21, the Biden administration quietly announced the creation of a new permanent office within the White House called the Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy, or OPPR.   Joe Biden has named a military man, retired Air Force Maj. General Paul Friedrichs, to head up the new office.

Why now? I thought Covid was over. Biden said months ago Covid was over, totally conquered.  The only folks I know who are still getting Covid are the ones who got multiple mRNA Covid jabs, causing their immune-compromised bodies to continue to manufacture the toxic spike proteins, which then make them sick. We also continue to hear weekly of young healthy people who are dying “suddenly” with no warning.

By creating this new office and emphasizing that it will be “permanent” …

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