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Space: The New Frontier for the Control Grid

Imagine if globalists could monitor and control your spending and use of resources, not from the ground, but from space.

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, December 23, 2023


  • Investigative journalist Corey Lynn speaks with James White, Host of NorthWest LibertyNews, about her bombshell report — Space: The New Frontier for the Central Control Grid
  • After extensive research, Lynn says she’s “100% convinced” that globalists are building out the central operation for the control grid in space
  • Organizations such as the World Economic Forum and many of the central banks are pushing the rollout of the globalist control grid
  • Space-based data centers, powered by space-based solar systems will use satellites and blockchain to create a tamper-resistant, automated and permanent ledger for space governance
  • Satellites have a starring role in the globalist control grid, and they’re being rapidly launched into space; in 2022, more satellites were launched — 2,474 to be exact — than any other prior year

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