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  1. […] CCPO Note of 24 September 2023: The “Twitter Files” reveal the extent to which our government illegally colluded with big tech and social media companies to censor information about effective early treatment strategies for COVID-19 and adverse effects associated with the COVID-19 injection.  This article, published nearly one year ago, exposes our government’s plans to expand their illegal censorship of all viewpoints that run counter to the official narrative.  We see these censorship networks being put in place today, for example see: “USSOCOM to Use AI to Detect Disinformation Threats on Social Media” (; “YouTube Announces New Policies to Target Medical Misinformation” ( and “Direct Government Censorship of The Internet Is Here & It’s Going to Get Worse” (  See also “The U.S. Government Is Building a Vast Surveillance and Speech Suppression Web Around Every American,” with CCPO note, posted at…. […]

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