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There Has Never Been a More Urgent Need for Pastors to Proclaim Israel’s Right to the Land

Harbinger’s Daily

by Jonathan Brentner
November 1, 2023

There’s never been a more urgent need for pastors to proclaim Israel’s right to the Land. The war in the Middle East has exposed the cancer of anti-Semitism and we must not keep silent.

The massive influx of people from Muslim nations explains the anti-Semitic demonstrations in major cities across Europe and the U.S., but why the intense hatred such as at Cornel University in New York where Jewish students were forced to hide from danger?

As I explain in Prophetic Observations of the Massacre in Israel, Satan is the culprit behind the anger directed at Israel and by proxy at the Jews living in other nations.

Replacement Theology also contributes to what’s happening on college campuses, particularly in America. Proponents of this doctrine assert that that after the people of ancient Israel rejected their Messiah, God turned His back on them and as a result, replaced the nation with the church. They claim that the church is now God’s kingdom on earth having inherited such promises that He made to Israel, albeit in a spiritual sense.

How does this teaching lead to anti-Semitism? During the long history of the church, Replacement Theology has been a breeding ground for it. Today, we see that churches in denominations long immersed in this teaching support the Palestinians cause in spite of its desire to destroy the nation of Israel and celebration of terrorism. The silence of many other churches concerning Israel’s right to the Land leaves a vacuum that the devil fills with murderous hatred.

The Origin Of Replacement Theology

Before the time of Augustine in the early fifth century…

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