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A Surprise in NASA’s Asteroid Rocks Hints Bennu Came from an Ocean World

Scientists Didn’t See this in the Spacecraft’s Earlier Data.

By Elisha Sauers
June 29, 2024

Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  Evidence is piling up that debris jettisoned from the earth during Noah’s flood came together in the vacuum of space to form asteroids and comets.  Of course those who refuse to acknowledge our creator, or that there was a global flood in the past, have a different and false narrative.  The following two links are to’s,  Real Science Radio interviews about the Hydroplate Theory explanation for asteroids and comets:;

Scientists analyzing samples NASA brought back from an asteroid got a surprise detection that may mean the space rock was once part of a long-gone ocean world.

What the team found was water-soluble magnesium-sodium phosphate in mottled stones — a mineral no one expected because it didn’t show up in any of the data the spacecraft collected when it was at the asteroid Bennu. Phosphate compounds are key for all known life, forming the backbone of DNA.

The new study’s findings, published in Meteoritics & Planetary Science, are part and parcel with the “trickster asteroid,” nicknamed as such for baffling scientists every step of the OSIRIS-Rex mission.

“The presence and state of phosphates, along with other elements and compounds on Bennu, suggest a watery past for the asteroid…”

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