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Aadhaar: India Supreme Court Upholds Controversial Biometric Database

By Manveena Suri, CNN

September 26, 2018

Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  Soon Americans will join the Indians in being biometrically databased.  The technology tools are being used to allow the formation of a global police state, ultimately to be ruled by the coming antichrist. Can you hear the footsteps of the messiah’s second coming?  If not, you need your spiritual ears checked.

New Delhi (CNN ) India’s Supreme Court has voted to uphold the legality of the country’s controversial Aadhaar program, the world’s largest biometric database which contains the personal details of an estimated 1.2 billion Indian citizens.

In a 4:1 verdict Wednesday, the five-judge bench ruled that the scheme does not violate the right to privacy, a key element in a long running case challenging

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