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Almost Everything is Ready for the Third Temple

All Israel News

August 8, 2023

Israel’s TV Channel 12 news released an investigative report about the five red heifers that were brought to the Jewish state last September and the supposed “funneling” of government funds to construct the Third Temple.  Israeli journalist Omri Maniv, who has posted to social media multiple times about the red heifers and their meaning, conducted the investigation….  Maniv argued that the government has shifted funds from other accounts for the purpose of preparing for the purification rituals and possibly the Third Temple. Many rabbis have forbidden their followers from going up to the Temple Mount because they are not in a state of ritual purity.  He also argues that the funds are being shifted quietly to not raise tensions internally and with the Arab population.

Just two weeks ago, near the site of the biblical Shiloh, where the Tabernacle was kept during the time of the judges…

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