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An Analysis of Bitcoins Potential as a Digital Currency

Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  According to biblical prophecy (Daniel and Revelation), someday the world will be ruled by a global government.  The world ruler (the Antichrist) will also have power to globally control everyone’s buying and selling (Rev 13).  Therefore the current status of Bitcoin (anonymous, not government controlled) must change sometime in the future, possibly to the detriment of all those who currently believe they are getting rich by owning currency in zeros and ones (digital).  However, some type of digital currency, which will be controlled by the world government, would certainly fulfill the prophetic word.  Maybe out of the collapse of Bitcoin will come a clarion call for the government to come up with a digital currency that will never steal the billions of invested digidollars again.


The Gleason Report

28 May 2017

Bitcoin Revisited

In a previous newsletter discussion I said that governments probably wouldn’t allow Bitcoin to operate independent of centralized control. Taxation, money laundering, and criminality are impediments to government acceptance of cryptocurrencies as lawful money. I wrote that text a few months ago. Since then I’ve immersed myself in studying blockchain technology and understanding its acceptance in the tiny and rapidly growing

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