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Asteroid Bennu Is Covered In ‘Carbon-Bearing, Organic Material’ Consistent With Ingredients For LIFE, Says NASA


October 9, 2020

Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  Not for lack of trying, evolutionary minded “scientists” have found it impossible to explain how life can form on a planet (earth) that is a perfect place for sustaining life. 

Now they want us to believe that life came to earth by asteroids, which spend their entire life in the vacuum of space with no source of water and with no way to sustain life.

They refuse to look at the alternative, which is that asteroids, comets and TNOs were ejected from the carbon/life planet of Earth during the flood of Noah. 

 If you want to know how Bennu really came into existence and how come NASA’s probe has found evidence of water and organic compounds, then read Dr. Brown’s Hydroplate Theory explanation for how the flood of Noah occurred and the related topic on the origin of asteroids at:

Scientists have discovered a treasure trove of data during the OSIRIS-REx mission, including the presence of water and traces of organic material, which may well seed life on planets such as our own across the galaxy.

According to Amy Simon, of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, “carbon-bearing, organic material” is littered across Bennu’s surface. These signs indicate that organic material itself is likely to be found when the asteroid samples are returned to Earth for analysis.

Indeed, NASA scientists suspect that some of the samples from Bennu may not resemble any of the meteorite samples humanity has collected on Earth up until this point, and that the organic matter contained therein may point to the development of primitive biology across the universe.

Once back on Earth, detailed analysis will be carried out in the hope of answering questions about the origins of both water and life itself here on Earth.

“The abundance of carbon-bearing material is a major scientific triumph for the mission. We are now optimistic that we will collect and return a sample with organic material – a central goal of the OSIRIS-REx mission,” said Dante Lauretta, OSIRIS-REx’s principal investigator.

Elsewhere in the research, an abundance of carbonate minerals were located in the asteroid’s geology, which suggest extensive hydrothermal systems, containing both water and carbon dioxide, throughout Bennu and its now-deceased parent asteroid.

This adds further credence to the theory that asteroids may work as some form of seeder for life across the

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