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California Church Fined $1.2 Million for Defying Covid Lockdowns Sues Government for Spying on Worshippers

The Gateway Pundit

August 23, 2023

By Cristina Laila Aug. 23, 2023 7:30 am

CCPO Note: As this article proves, our government used private cell phone data to spy on their citizens during the repressive COVID-19 lockdowns, a time when bars, casinos, pot stores, strip joints, and big box stores were allowed to remain open, but churches were not. These data were then used to persecute churches who chose to obey God rather than man.  We see many signs that lockdowns will return.  CCPO leadership urges those in our church family to be wise.  Do not bring your cell phone to church.  If you cannot leave your phone at home, please leave it in a Faraday bag, in your car.

A California church fined $1.2 million for defying Covid lockdowns filed a lawsuit against the government for spying on its congregants.

Calvary Chapel San Jose was harassed and fined by Santa Clara County for ‘violating’ the Covid lockdowns and mask mandates.  Pastor Mike McClure in his lawsuit accused Santa Clara County of “an invasive and warrantless geofencing operation” to spy on worshippers.  The government used mapping software to track worshippers to see when they were on the church premises.

“This type of expansive geofencing operation is not only an invasion of privacy, but represents a terrifying precedent if allowed to go unaddressed: as it stands, the Defendants are effectively arguing that, as long as they call it research, any level of government can target and spy on any individual or group at any time for any duration, and, if they so choose, they can wield the collected data against said individuals or groups who oppose their orders. This is not just un-American; it is downright Orwellian,” the complaint says according to Fox News.

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