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Why Was Book on Maui Published 2 DAYS After ‘Wild Fires’ Started?

By Leo Hohmann

August 17, 2023

MSN, a corporate news outlet operated by Microsoft, believes it’s an “outlandish conspiracy theory” to question how a 44-page book about the Maui “wildfire” managed to get written, edited, printed and published two days after the fires started.  If you think that’s just a little bit too speedy for a book on a tragedy to be exploited and blamed on “climate change,” then you are a conspiracy theorist, according to MSN.

Here’s what the news outlet says about the book:  Since the onset of wildfires in Hawaii earlier this month, outlandish conspiracy theories involving ‘space lasers’ have proliferated across social media platforms. Now, the internet is questioning the veracity of a book published soon after the fires began.   MSN apparently also doesn’t think it strange that nobody knows anything about the author of the book, Fire and Fury.

This reminds me of how the Georgia Guidestones appeared out of nowhere in a cow pasture in rural north Georgia in 1979 and nobody knew how it got there. One day it was a vacant field, the next day there was a giant granite monument testifying to the goals of the climate freaks, including their desire to dispense with 90 percent of the people living on planet earth.

Then one day, on July 6, 2022, the Guidestones disappeared as fast as they appeared and neither the local cops nor the Georgia Bureau of Investigation seemed the least bit interested in finding out who destroyed the monument or why. Case closed. Nothing to see here. Don’t ask any questions.

We are also not supposed to be curious about …

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