Corporations on Attack against Christians

September 19, 2015

 Carl Gallups

To hear progressives tell it, big business is a bastion of conservatism and reactionary thought. So why are corporations so eager to champion homosexuality and insult Christian beliefs? One pastor argues it’s because business leaders aren’t just interested in making money – they want to turn the culture away from Christianity.

Carl Gallups, a pastor, talk show host, and author of the new book “Be Thou Prepared,” argues Christians should be aware of the social agenda being pushed by a powerful minority, including those in high positions in corporate America.

“In addition to making money, corporations are often dedicated to using their money to push the agendas that are near and dear to the hearts of the corporate managers,” Gallups told WND. “Increasingly, these managers are discovering they possess great power to shape the direction of public opinion and social norms.”

One of the ways they do this, Gallups notes, is through partnerships and funding agreements with far left activists. In the latest case, Frito-Lay is supporting Dan Savage, a pro-homosexuality activist noted for delivering a profanity-laden tirade against Christianity in front of a huge school audience and wishing cancer on Sarah Palin. The company rolled out a new line of “Doritos Rainbows” chips to show their “commitment to the LGBT community” and sales will go to Savage’s nonprofit organization.

Gallups, whose latest book instructs Christians on how to prepare for increasing persecution, was not surprised by the company’s decision to “literally wrap itself in the gay flag.”

Said Gallups: “The Doritos’ affair is just one more attempt, in a line many more to come, that will be designed to continually push the envelope of promoting a radical social agenda upon the entire American culture while being directly applicable to only a super-minority of Americans. My book is an attempt to prepare Christians for the campaign that is coming.”

Frito-Lay’s decision is practically guaranteed to offend at least some customers. However, Paul Kengor, a university professor, historian and author of “Takedown,” thinks several factors are even more important than the basic free market desire to appeal to customers.

“The first explanation could be simply that so many of these corporate headquarters are in big cities, where liberalism is the prevailing zeitgeist,” said Kengor. “But probably a more important reason is that the heads of these corporations are merely the intellectual children of our horrendous universities, where the holy trinity is race, gender, and sexual orientation.

“As I note in ‘Takedown,’, cultural Marxists like Herbert Marcuse had a huge influence on the 1960′s New Left, which took over higher education. The cultural Marxists argued that things like sexual orientation and gender were fluid and interchangeable, and that traditional marriage and family and sexuality be damned. The suits running these companies indeed come from the liberal universities that have been teaching this stuff for decades now. They’ve had their cultural-intellectual brainwashing. The universities did their job nicely.”

Gallups also believes the education system is at the core of current corporate policy.

“Generations of American children have grown up to believe that we came from an accidental chemical sludge pond, that we can kill our unborn children at will and that marriage and sexuality is whatever one defines it to be,” observed Gallups. “And now those children are all grown up and sitting on the boards and in the executive positions of America’s corporations. So why should any of this surprise us?”

But the simplest explanation may be the best to explain Frito-Lay’s action – companies no longer think they have anything to fear from offending Christians and are afraid of homosexual activists.

“From a purely marketing standpoint, one would think that corporate America might be concerned about offending traditional Christians,” mused Kengor. “But I don’t think that’s so. Christians aren’t relentless and brutal like the liberal forces of ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ who boycott, picket, protest, demonize, dehumanize, fine, and even incarcerate those who dare to disagree with their new definitions of marriage, family, and sexuality. So corporations are happy to outrage Christians. They won’t dare outrage the forces of ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity.'”

Dr. Michael Brown, an expert who has written several books on homosexuality argues Christian views are seen as beneath consideration by many business leaders.

“It’s clear that most of corporate America has very deep gay sensitivities but almost no Christian sensitivities, and corporate leaders are quite willing to celebrate homosexuality no matter how much it offends Christians and other people of faith,” said Brown. “It would appear that our views are being viewed as either irrelevant or intolerant, so the progressive, enlightened thing to do is celebrate LGBT activism at the expense of people of faith and moral conviction.”

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Brown argued the status quo will remain in place as long as Christians are silent in response to what he called an “insult.”

“Christians need to understand they cannot avoid dealing with activism,” stressed Brown. “That’s what I’ve been…

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