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Despite Known Risks, Chinese Scientists Develop New Lethal Coronavirus


By Jim Thomas
January 16, 2024

Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  Prior to Covid-19, Dr. Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) awarded multi-million dollar grants to Ecohealth Alliance, who then gave those millions to the Chinese to conduct “gain-of-function” research on corona viruses.  This financial shell game effectively circumvented recent prohibitions on gain-of-function research in the U.S.  Many now maintain that it is near certain that the Covid-19 “pandemic” originated from a leak, intentional or otherwise, from a bio-research lab in Wuhan, China.

 In October of 2019, prior to the Covid 19 lab leak, Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum hosted a round table discussion called Event 201.  The panel of experts discussed what should/could be done in the hypothetical case of virus-caused pandemic such as the 1918 Spanish Flu. What a coincidence that just three months later, Covid-19 emerged on the scene and all the role-playing ideas and decisions of Event 201 went active, affecting everyone on earth. Lest you think that this could never happen again, consider the following:

Relating to information in the article below, why are the Chinese still conducting gain-of-function research since doing so is forbidden by international law?  Why is EcoHealth Alliance still receiving federal grants to do research?  What research are they doing?  Are they again funding the Chinese who have created the new, deadly pathogen described below?  Since they are responsible for the deaths of millions of people and the trillions of dollars lost through their negligence surrounding Covid-19, why are those responsible, including Dr. Fauci, not in jail for life, as international law requires?

 I suspect the answer is that the true power brokers of the world WANT another pandemic and they need it soon in order to finalize their desire to establish a global government, using chaos to do so.  But first they must establish all the legal and biological pathogen tools they need before unleashing a more virulent pandemic on us. It appears they now have the pathogen, so I suspect it won’t be long before another lab leak forces us back into a Covid Version 2 nightmare, which could lead to the fulfillment of biblical prophecies pertaining to the Tribulation Period.  Time will soon tell.

We also believe that “God will preserve a remnant,” believers who will be taken up to be with Jesus before the Tribulation Period begins.  Will you be one?  If you are unsure, please see “Normal” isn’t coming back, Jesus is” ( or contact us (

Chinese scientists affiliated with the military have engineered a lethal mutant coronavirus strain, GX_P2V, with a 100% mortality rate in mice, igniting concerns over the potential transmission to humans.

The unprecedentedly swift demise of all infected mice within eight days prompted the researchers to investigate further. Surprisingly, the virus demonstrated high viral loads in the mice’s brains and eyes, indicating a distinctive pattern of multiplication and spread, distinct from the known behavior of COVID-19, reported the

Professor Francois Balloux, an infectious disease expert at University College London, wrote on X…

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