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Some Things I Never Thought I Would See

Some Things I Never Thought I Would See

by Jan Markell
January 18, 2024

I’m at it again—mulling over the insanity of our day, even though such absurdities were predicted for the last days. I say a dozen times a day, “I never thought I would see the day.” Be honest. You do, too!  Here’s my current list:

I never thought I would see the day:

  • When churches would see our mind-numbing headlines and stories and suggest that there are perhaps a hundred or a thousand years before Jesus returns! They say we’ve always had perilous times. Nothing is new.
  • The World Economic Forum would meet the week it was minus 40 degrees in my hometown and obsess over global warming and electric vehicles, since they don’t function well right now in Minneapolis. And all of us are cheering for global warming.
  • When the champion of the hurting around the world, the Red Cross, would deny care and medication to Israeli hostages and instead scold the hostages for Gaza’s destruction.
  • When the International Court of Justice would declare Israel guilty of genocide when it was Israel who experienced a genocidal attack. Imagine, portions of the free world siding with barbarians rather than a democratic ally. Did someone say “upside down world?”
  • All of the leaders of sanctuary cities and states would be screaming bloody murder to keep illegals out of their sanctuary cities and states.
  • When a U.S. Secretary of State would tell another country—Israel—they cannot win a war. They cannot defeat terrorists who perpetrated genocide on them.
  • I would watch entire church denominations side with those who perpetrated the worst slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust. What Bible are they reading? They believe Jesus was a Palestinian. Really?
  • The nation of Nigeria, with its Christian population nearly decimated by Muslims, not be put on Washington’s 2024 persecution watch list!
  • When Democrats admit that Hamas or the Taliban or al-Qaida may be crossing our southern border and then brag about our strong national security! Reprobate minds see upside down.
  • When the world would favor elements of society who cry “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” and glorify these thugs. When “Israel Derangement Syndrome” would overtake entire nations, and when universities would favor them, even as Jews hide in closets and secret rooms.
  • When at the most significant time in history, believers would talk about “rapture fatigue” and “end-time burn-out” because they were tired of watching and waiting for Christ’s return. It’s just taking too long.
  • When the tragedy of Lahaina, Maui—with all of its mystery and likely conspiracy—would so quickly be forgotten and the people so pathetically abandoned.  And yet people still trust the government!
  • When lockdowns would become a part of normal society! First it was Covid lockdowns. Now I am learning about climate lockdowns coming. I guess the mantra is, “You will go nowhere and be happy!”
  • That the subject of Israel—who is the primary subject of the Bible—would be the issue causing enormous church splits since October 7. Denominations don’t want to acknowledge that Jews wrote our Bible or play a prominent role today. I guess theology matters to some and their theology erases the nation of Israel!

I could go on for endless pages with further examples, sadly. The Bible is blunt that the last days would be perilous and filled with unruly and selfish people. It says society would be “given over” (Romans 1). We just didn’t think it would be this bad.

But God placed you and me in it for such a time as this! We are here on assignment and not by accident. We can be the salt and light needed for our times! The followers of Jesus Christ are to shine no matter what the circumstances and no matter how bad it gets.

Hang on a little longer. And it is the darkest before the dawn—the dawn being the glorious Rapture of the church when we leave this wicked planet behind! Only in Eternity will we cease being shocked by the world and by an upside-down society. Only then will everything make sense. Finally, I will be able to stop saying, “I never thought I would see the day.”