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Pfizer’s Pfrankenstein Proteins Were Injected Into Billions of People

The Exposé

By Rhoda Wilson, February

Pfizer’s mRNA covid-19 injections instruct cells to produce additional “off-target” proteins that could pose significant health risks.  The finding was revealed by a team of UK researchers, who found a “glitch” occurred due to the way the covid-19 injections were genetically modified.  According to the study, off-target cellular immune responses occur in 25% to 33% of those who have received Pfizer’s covid-19 injection.  The “Pfrankenstein” proteins could potentially lead to health problems, including autoimmune conditions or endocrine disruption.  Pfizer’s Pfrankenstein proteins should have been detected and reduced or eliminated long before mRNA covid-19 injections were given to millions of people…

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