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Facial Recognition Used To Catch Fugitive among 60,000 Concert-Goers in China

April 12, 2018


Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  Technology has been hailed as our servant for decades.  However, we can see that much of it has brought death, sinfulness/corruption and enslavement instead.  Major beneficiaries of the computer age have been the military industrial complex (in order to soon kill billions – Revelation 6:3 and 8), the porn and related lust industries, and what is rapidly becoming the global police state. 

 As you will see in this article, the day is coming when you may try to run, but will not be able to hide.  The Bible predicted that this would be the case in the last days (Revelation 13). 

 For this and many other reasons, the second coming of our Lord Jesus cannot be far off.  I pray the reader is ready; meaning you no longer want to fight God and His laws, and come humbly to Him for His forgiveness and mercy, which only comes by having faith in His Son, Jesus.


Police officers display their AI-powered smart glasses – REUTERS (see link below to see the photo)

Its the ultimate music lover’s fantasy – being picked out of the audience by your idol at a huge rock concert for a fleeting moment of on-stage fame and adulation.

But in China, you are more likely to be picked out by one of thousands of police surveillance cameras which link people to crimes through advanced facial recognition technology.

That’s what happened last week to a 31-year-old man who was held by police for questioning over an

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