By Bill Salus

March 16, 2017

Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  Bill Salus and I talked about much of this (years ago) and I agree with most of his conjecture and logic in this article.  As far as I know, Bill originated the idea that Revelation 6 might be recording events between the rapture and the seven-year-tribulation period.  He is also the first I know of to put the 144,000 (Rev 7) showing up between these two events, and to equate the covenant of Daniel 9 with the covenant in Isaiah 28 (with death and sheol).

 Time may soon tell if these are the case, but it really doesn’t matter to the believer (who will be taken to heaven in the rapture).  However, it will be very important for those left behind, and that is why I especially appreciate Bill’s concluding paragraph of this article and hope that his exhortation will spur you on with a greater desire to witness the truth of the gospel to those who are currently lost.

What is the Post-Rapture / Pre-Tribulation Gap Period?

This article has been revised from the commentary of the book entitled, “Apocalypse Road, Revelation for the Final Generation.” One of the central purposes of the book is to explore and explain the mysterious gap period that exists between the Rapture of the Christian Church and the seven-year Tribulation-Period (Trib-period).

According to 1 Corinthians 15:52, the Rapture happens in the short time it takes someone to blink their eyes. Within that same split-second the people who are left behind are thrust into this vastly unexplored interval of time. Therefore, it is critically important for them to know how long the time-gap is, and what happens within it.

Many Bible prophecy experts today are recognizing that it’s not the Rapture that starts the Trib-period. Rather, it begins with the confirmation of the covenant of Daniel 9:27 by the Antichrist, between Israel and some other party. Therefore, a gap can exist between the fulfillment of these two distinctly separate events. (The other covenanting party is identified typologically in Isaiah 28:15, 18 as “Death and Sheol.” Who or what “Death and Sheol” represents, and what role they play in the end times, is also explored within the Apocalypse Road book).


How Long is the Post-Rapture / Pre-trib Gap Period?


This Post Rapture / Pre-Trib gap period is like the Church age in that neither was given a predetermined length of existence within the Scriptures. Although some prophetic periods of time are given prescribed time allotments, the time-span of


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