‘Israel’s time is running out’, warns Tehran festival. Senior Iranian official vows Iran will bring about Israel’s collapse within 25 years.

David Rosenberg

February 28, 2018

Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  There was a time in the past when some of those in charge of and living in the Persian (Iranian) empire were celebrating that the Jews were about to be exterminated.  It didn’t turn out well for them then (read the book of Esther), and it will not turn out well for them this time either. 

Esther  9:1 Now in the twelfth month, that is, the month of Adar, on the thirteenth day, the time came for the king’s command and his decree to be executed. On the day that the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, the opposite occurred, in that the Jews themselves overpowered those who hated them. (Esther 9:1) NKJV

Hassan Rouhani  Reuters

The Islamic Republic of Iran is gearing up for its first ever “International Hourglass Festival”, celebrating what organizers call the “imminent collapse” of the Jewish state.

The symbol chosen to represent the event features an hourglass with a Star of David disintegrating above the words “25 Years” – an apparent reference to the predictions made by

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