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Lightning: A Natural Nuclear Reactor!

By Dr. Jay L. Wile


Note from Pastor Kevin Lea: Finally secular scientists have caught up with what Dr. Walt Brown has been explaining since 2009 when he added a chapter on the Origin of Earth’s Radioactivity in his on-line book, In the Beginning – Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood

The Nature magazine article which originally broke this news includes the statement: “The discovery that thunderstorms can trigger nuclear reactions provides insight into the physics of atmospheric electricity and unveils a previously unknown [emphsis added] natural source of radioactive isotopes on Earth.” Leonid Babich, “Thunderous Nuclear Reactions,” Nature, Vol. 551, 23 November 2017, p. 443. 

No, it was not previously unknown.  In his Origin of Earth’s Radioactivity chapter, Dr. Brown explained years ago that electrical currents in a plasma state (including lighting) can and do create nuclear reactions (as multiple lab experiments have shown).  There is evidence all over the earth suggesting that during the early days of Noah’s flood, extreme currents generated by the piezoelectric crystals in the crust produced super fusion and fission which created all the radioactive isotopes that are now found in earth’s crust.  The lab experiments have also produced accelerated nuclear decay adiabatically [thermally neutral] which explains why the decay chains in the crust did not burn up the earth and why there is an appearance of great ages using Potassium/Argon, Uranium/Lead and other radiometric dating methods used on rocks.

This known phenomenon also explains why Carbon 14 testing of soft tissue from Dinosaurs is returning dates of 20-40 thousand years, rather than the 5,000 years since they have been killed and buried in the flood.  For reasons explained by Dr. Brown, before the flood there was a much lower equilibrium content of C14 in the environment than there is now.  Therefore, when they died, their C14 content was already showing 15-25 thousand years of decay when compared to current equilibrium values.  Please see at our youtube channel for an explanation of C14 dating in dinosaurs.

In 1994, a scientific team using the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory reported seeing intense gamma ray flashes coming from the earth. The researchers called it an “unexplained terrestrial phenomenon,” but they noted:

The apparent correlation of the events with storm systems leads us to hypothesize that they are caused by electrical discharges to the stratosphere or ionosphere.

This generated interest among certain research groups, so ground-based observatories, airborne detectors, and other space-based observatories began looking

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