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Here you will find selected news articles and editorials, many with our commentary intended to show that the Bible is just as applicable to issues in the world today as they were when written by the inspired pen of the authors of the Old and New Testaments. This only makes sense if the true Author is the all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-present God of the Bible. This same God so loves you that He sent His Son Jesus to make a way for you to be forgiven of sin. We pray that you have received Jesus as your Savior. If you have not, I pray these handouts will challenge you to pick up your Bible and discover how miraculous it is, stop fighting God’s love, repent and trust in Jesus as your Savior while there is still time.  Find out more.

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Prominent Doc Says LGBT Opposition Got Him Excised From Hospital Staff

By Edmund DeMarche January 05, 2016 Dr. Paul Church seen in 2013 in a town in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. He would make the journey for years to perform operations on the impoverished of the town. A prominent Boston doctor and Harvard Medical School professor says a prestigious hospital canned him because he refused to endorse the LGBT lifestyle, which he believes is…

New Fox Show: “Lucifer” As a Good Guy

Thursday, January 21, 2016 Note from Pastor Kevin Lea: This article states that the actor playing Satan grew up in a Christian home, and that his family (including his “pastor” dad) is excited about his acting role of playing the part of Satan. How could anyone who claims to be a Christian be involved in producing a show that glorifies and twists…

Cashless Canada?

Commentary by Roger Oakland 1.800.689.1888 Over the past several decades, the world has seen amazing changes take place as the rapid advancement of technology leads the entire planet towards a “cashless society.” While this may not cause concern to a younger generation that has been conditioned to accept that global electronic transactions are necessary for the convenience and necessity of buying…

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