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Mild COVID-19 Cases Can Lead To Antibody Protection for Life

By Chris Melore

May 25, 2021

Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  This article is based on a scientific peer reviewed study.  Its conclusion would support the policy that those who have survived mild cases of Covid (did not need to go to the hospital) are immune for life and would therefore not be required to get the experimental gene drugs being pushed by Big Pharma and the government.   This no-jab policy for Covid survivors should actually be mandatory since there are tens of thousands of cases of people who have suffered severe side effects or been killed by these experimental drugs.  So why is this guiding principle not being adopted?  Could it be because there are nefarious reasons why the powers that be want everyone on the planet vaccinated, and those reasons have nothing to do with sound medical practice?   

Mild COVID-19 cases can lead to antibody protection for life