The Science of mRNA

Our mRNA Platform

Research Engine

Early Development EngineIntellectual Property


Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  It is easy to predict that bad things will happen when mankind pretends they have the wisdom and knowledge necessary to play God and mess with the building blocks of human life (God created DNA and mRNA).  I plan to trust the immune system Jesus gave me rather than let these mad scientists practice their foolishness on my body, which is God’s temple (1 Cor 3).

Enabling Drug Discovery & Development

We built Moderna on the guiding premise that if using mRNA as a medicine works for one disease, it should work for many diseases. And, if this is possible – given the right approach and infrastructure – it could meaningfully improve how medicines are discovered, developed and manufactured.

Our Operating System

Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

We have a dedicated team of several hundred scientists and engineers solely focused on advancing Moderna’s platform technology. They are organized around key disciplines and work in an integrated fashion to advance knowledge surrounding mRNA science and solve for challenges that are unique to mRNA drug development. Some of these disciplines include

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