By Mike Snavely <>

June 27, 2017

As long as I’m on the subject of “research” that supposedly supports evolution theory, how about this one? This is from an article I wrote several years ago….

Someone gave me a magazine from their (secular) alma mater that was concentrating on Darwinism that summer. It featured the studies of a professor of anthropology who has been going to Nicaragua since 2004 conducting research among tribal people to learn about “the evolutionary implications of their everyday lives. Focusing mainly on their hunting and food sharing, he has been able to test hypotheses derived from evolutionary ecology”.

OK, take a moment and digest whatever that’s supposed to mean!

So, his last trip was a year long, and he concentrated his studies on game acquired mainly through hunting. (Now, here’s where it gets funny. Remember that this is serious, college-level research!) He discovered that a hunter “was more likely to share the wild boar with family members rather than with people he doesn’t know or is not closely related to.” (!!)

TADA! This amazing research, according to the article, confirms an evolutionary theoretical model known as “kin selection”. Kin selection? Wait for it, though. The main punch line is still coming…

This kin selection theory “takes note of the fact that if a hunter shares his wild boar with someone else, it reduces his likelihood of survival and reproduction because he now has less to eat.” (Forget the fact that he can go shoot another pig). “So therefore…….(here’s the amazing conclusion)…..he must possess the “sharing gene”. The anthropologist noted that, “In my field of study, the flow of meat went from households that had a lot of meat to closely related households who had little, which is exactly what kin selection predicts. It’s a matter of helping relatives who need it.

Are you kidding me? Kin selection!? The sharing gene?!

This man is paid to do this research. He’s paid money! Here’s my proposal: If the university will pay me, I will personally provide evidence for the “steak selection theory”, which notes that “the flow of meat will go from my grill into my mouth”. Furthermore, I will share it with my family (and anyone else) and it won’t have a thing to do with evolutionary processes, “kin selection”, or the “sharing gene”.

PS – Here are the results of my experiment I told you about last week…

I trained a frog to jump when I say “JUMP!”. Then, I cut off a front leg of the frog. When I said “JUMP”, it did so, but landed awkwardly. I noted the results. I then cut off the other front leg and issued the command again, with similar results. I noted these results. I then cut off one of the hind legs and told the frog to jump. It did so, but sort-of spun sideways. I noted the results. Finally, I cut off the last leg. When I told the frog to jump, it just sat there. I again said “JUMP!”. It still did nothing. I noted the results.

CONCLUSION: “With all four legs removed, frog becomes deaf.”


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