By Michael Thau

Jan 20, 2021

Well, what are the odds?

It just so happens that—on the very day Joe Biden took office—the World Health Organization also released new guidelines ratcheting up the diagnostic criteria for COVID-19.

A single positive PCR test for the virus isn’t going to cut it anymore.

For some reason, as of today, the organization decided that those tests for the virus we’ve been relentlessly assured are the gold standard for detecting infection are, in reality, just a mere “aid for diagnosis.”

Clinicians now, not only can, but “must” also consider a wide array of other factors, like “timing of sampling, specimen type, assay specifics, clinical observations, patient history, confirmed status of any contacts,” and even something called “epidemiological information”—whatever that exactly is—before diagnosing anyone with COVID-19.

WHO has also suddenly decided that, if you don’t show any symptoms, you’ll need to get a second test for confirmation as well.

That’s a whole heck of a lot of extra hoops a person has to jump through to make the list of those officially infected or killed by COVID-19.

But, if you expect WHO to also recommend going back and massively decreasing the daily case and death counts used to terrorize us into submission for almost a year now by applying their new criteria retroactively, you’ve yet to understand that “following the science” has everything to do with following but nothing at all to do with science.

In fact, if you look closely, you’ll notice these new tighter guidelines—though released today—were actually all typed up and ready to go on January 13.

Wonder why they waited a week?

Whatever the reason, you may not be too surprised to learn that WHO is just returning to what used to be standard operating procedure.

Up until COVID hit in 2020, neither WHO nor the CDC had ever considered a single positive PCR test sufficient for diagnosing viral infection.

Indeed, as I reported in a recent column outlining how—contrary to the media’s attempts to convince you the Chicoms tried to cover-up the virus—China’s Communist Party rulers were, in reality, fomenting a panic in their ENGLISH language media before there could have possibly been any reason for concern:

‘Investigate China’s Global Lockdown Fraud!’ Demand Lawyers, Retired Brig. Gen. in Open Letter to FBI

One of the few comical episodes in this year-long Chicom-induced nightmare occurred when some conscientious staffer at WHO inserted a bracketed note saying WHO recommends testing people “only if they have symptoms in the transcript of a speech their boss Tedros gave that was entirely devoted to insisting that every nation in the world needed to immediately start testing people without symptoms.

Moreover, there are very good reasons why the loose COVID-19 diagnostic criteria in place right up until Joe Biden became president had, in the past, always been ruled out by both the CDC and WHO.

As my regular readers know all too well, the standard test for COVID-19 detects dead viral remains—not live infectious virus—which could wind up in your

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