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March 23, 2017

 Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  This information begs the question, “If cancer causing mutations occur even under perfect environmental conditions, and if multiple coping errors are made and passed down every time DNA is copied in support of cell multiplication, then how in the world did we evolve from chemicals to man?”  Simple answer – We didn’t.  We were created by an all powerful God who in the beginning gave Adam and Eve perfect DNA.  Then sin entered the world and with it came mutations, cancer and death (not to mention murders, war and other maladies associated with human sinfulness).  We are on a downward spiral that will lead to human and animal extinction in mere thousands of years.  However, God promises eternal life and a new body that will again be perfect and will remain perfect forever if we humble ourselves, repent of our sin and rebellion, and trust in Jesus as our savior.

Darwin and his theory are dead, Jesus is alive – Will you believe and trust?


Artist’s illustration of a DNA double helix CREDIT: NATIONAL HUMAN GENOME RESEARCH INSTITUTE


Two thirds of cancers are unavoidable even if you live a healthy life, a study has shown.

Scientists in the US found cancers are caused by random mistakes in the genetic code that occur when cells divide.

The findings challenge the widespread view that cancer mutations are generally inherited or triggered by environmental factors.

Instead, the vast majority of cancers are probably down to unlucky defects in replicating DNA that occur out of the blue, they suggest.

Lead scientist Dr Cristian Tomasetti, from Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in the US, said: “It is well-known that we must avoid environmental factors such as smoking to decrease our risk of getting cancer.

“But it is not as well-known that each time a normal cell divides and copies its DNA to produce two new cells, it makes multiple mistakes.

“These copying mistakes are a potent source of cancer mutations that historically have been scientifically undervalued, and this new work provides the first estimate of the fraction of mutations caused by these mistakes.”

The research, published in the journal Science, indicates that almost two-thirds of cancer-causing mutations are due to DNA copying errors.

The discovery helps explain why cancer often strikes people who follow all the rules of healthy living and have no family history of the disease.

Cancers triggered by copying errors could occur “no matter how perfect the environment”, according to co-author Dr Bert Vogelstein, also from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

He said: “We need to continue to encourage people to avoid environmental agents and lifestyles that increase their risk of developing cancer mutations.

“However, many people will still develop cancers due to these random DNA copying errors, and better methods to detect all cancers earlier, while they are still curable, are urgently needed.”

The team studied mutations that drive abnormal cell growth in 32 different types of cancer.

Using DNA sequencing and epidemiological data, they developed a mathematical system of assessing the role of genetic copying errors in cancer.

Each time a normal cell divides and copies its DNA to produce two new cells, it makes multiple mistakes. The results showed that it generally took two or more critical gene mutations to trigger cancer.

In some cancer types, such as those affecting the prostate, brain and bone, more than 95% of the harmful mutations were due to random DNA copying errors.

Copying mistakes were

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