By Elizabeth Howell

October 10, 2017

Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  Another science article that is shocking to big bang scientists but perfectly consistent and predicted by Dr. Brown’s Hydroplate Theory.

New research into old data suggests that ice may hide around Mars’ equator. Here, the Red Planet is seen in a vivid Hubble view.  (Steve Lee (University of Colorado)/Jim Bell (Cornell University)/Mike Wolff (Space Science


A new examination of old data suggests that there might be ice hiding in the Martian equator, even though scientists previously thought that the substance couldn’t exist there.

They’re not too sure how the water was preserved, they said; perhaps ice and dust flowing from the poles moved through the atmosphere when Mars had a steeper axis tilt than today. However, it’s been at least hundreds of thousands of years since those conditions existed, and the water ice deposited back then shouldn’t be around anymore, the researchers said. (This would be true even if, somehow, dust or a crust at the surface trapped the humidity underground, the scientists added.)

Note from Pastor Kevin Lea: But what if they are wrong about how many years the water has been there?  See Dr. Walt Brown’s predictions about water on Mars.

Wilson said. “So, for now, the signature remains a mystery worthy of further study, and Mars continues to surprise us.

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