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Creation Vs. Evolution

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Warm Rock Rising Deep beneath New England, Seismic Study Reveals

by Kevin Lea

“We did not expect to find abrupt changes in physical properties beneath this region,” researcher Vadim Levin said. By Brooks Hays Dec. 1, 2017 Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  This article concludes with the statement, “Now that researchers know the upwelling is there, they hope to find out what’s causing it.”  If the reader wants to […]

The Moon’s Interior Could Contain Lots of Water, Study Shows

by Kevin Lea

By Samantha Mathewson, Contributor July 24, 2017 Note from Pastor Kevin:  For those interested in understanding why the near and far side of the moon are so different, and why it should come as no surprise that there is water on the moon, please see Ancient volcanic deposits on the moon suggest the lunar […]

Biologist Acknowledges: ‘Rising Number of Publications’ Calling for ‘Major Revision’ of ‘Standard Theory of Evolution’

by Kevin Lea

By Garrett Haley September 18, 2017 Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  Every student should take a copy of this article and give it to their propaganda teachers at school, respectfully requesting that they stop teaching evolution as fact, and instead encouraging them to tell the truth (i.e., ­ that evolution theory is crumbling into dust as […]

Water Ice Mystery Found At Martian Equator

by Kevin Lea

By Elizabeth Howell October 10, 2017 Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  Another science article that is shocking to big bang scientists but perfectly consistent and predicted by Dr. Brown’s Hydroplate Theory. New research into old data suggests that ice may hide around Mars’ equator. Here, the Red Planet is seen in a vivid […]

Hubble Spots a Strange New Type of Celestial Object

by Kevin Lea

By Michael Irving Sept 20, 2017 Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  This is a very significant discovery and extremely baffling to big bang scientists.  However, this Comet is not surprising to those with orbital physics backgrounds and knowledge of Dr. Brown’s hydroplate theory explanation of their origin.     Astronomers have discovered a brand […]

Did It Rain Before The Flood?

by Kevin Lea

by Dr. Walt Brown   Genesis 2:5–6 suggests that it did not rain before the flood: Now no shrub of the field was yet in the earth, and no plant of the field had yet sprouted, for the Lord God had not sent rain upon the earth; and there was no man to cultivate […]

The Amazing Giraffe!

by Kevin Lea

Mike Snavely PO Box 264 Cornwall PA 17016 USA July 5, 2017 The giraffe is a favorite animal among our guests on our African safaris. Besides their unique appearance and large size (up to 2,000 lbs.), they have amazing characteristics that you might not know about. Evolutionists, of course, see these features, too, but just can’t […]

The What?! The “Sharing Gene”?

by Kevin Lea

By Mike Snavely <> June 27, 2017 As long as I’m on the subject of “research” that supposedly supports evolution theory, how about this one? This is from an article I wrote several years ago…. Someone gave me a magazine from their (secular) alma mater that was concentrating on Darwinism that summer. It featured the studies of […]

BreakPoint: The Octopus Outsmarts Darwin Again Self-Taught Cephalopods

by Kevin Lea

By: Eric Metaxas &  G. Shane Morris May 8, 2017 Imagine being able to make yourself more intelligent than your genes allow. If you were a slimy, spineless bottom-dweller, that might be a welcome bonus. What’s the most intelligent animal on the planet? There are a lot of ways to answer that, and depending on your standard, […]