By Dambisa Moyo

January 12, 2017

Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  This article relates to our Sunday morning, Jan 1, 2017 prophecy Update, where I emphasized that the globalist’s have come out of their closets and are now openly advocating the elimination of all nation states for the sake of setting up a global utopia (in their  minds). 

 The bible prophesies that mankind will be successful in achieving a global government consisting of only ten nations in the last days just before Jesus returns.  However, instead of a utopia, the result will be a time of unprecedented misery and destruction on planet earth, as described in the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation. 

 We must be getting close to the return of Jesus, which behooves us (true believers) to redeem the little time we have left by sharing the biblical gospel of salvation with those who are still lost.


Much of the criticism leveled against globalization today is related to the idea that it enriches the few, while leaving many people behind.

Such a sweeping indictment, proffered by those advocating the wholesale abandonment of globalization, puts the very existence of an international agenda at risk.

Mounting geopolitical risk (manifest in the rise of populist politicians and Brexit) and ongoing economic headwinds (for example, stagnating global growth rates and persistent unemployment) mean we are at a make-or-break point for

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