Montana Dig Results Raised Further Questions About Ancient Earth


By Bob Unruh

November 29, 2016

Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  Scientific evidence shows that dinosaurs lived thousands (not 60 million) of years ago.  Of course evolutionists continue to suppress the evidence and fire those who have the audacity to publish the evidence outside of the inner circle, but the truth is getting out.  I suggest that the reader go to to see voluminous peer reviewed papers on this subject.

The scientific community and academia still are working out just exactly how to deal with the stunning revelation from paleontologist Mary Schweitzer in 2005 that there exists soft tissue attached to the skeletal remains of dinosaurs from their long-past era on Earth.

The latest fight erupted when a scientist who took part in a dinosaur dig in Montana found a triceratops horn with soft fiber and bone tissues that were stretchy, and he published a report on his findings.

He soon found himself out of his job at Cal State-Northridge, and now he’s reached a settlement over the dismissal he believes was triggered by the evidence that raises serious questions about evolution.

Armitage reported after his discoveries were documented and reported, one university official shouted at him, “We are not going to tolerate your religion in this department!”

Armitage’s report on the discovery cited the finding of the tissue, but it did not speculate on any religious implications.

He eventually filed a lawsuit against

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