Note from Pastor Kevin Lea:  I received this email from a pastor friend of mine.  It is well written and documented.  I am posting this on the church web site so that the reader can access all the links that are contained in this article.

February 5, 2021

Hi Brothers,

For what it’s worth, I thought you might find this of value. I sent this email to my family members (who are not saved and most have drunk the Kool-Aid regarding Covid). I thought you might know people who might benefit from it as well.

God bless you.

In Christ by grace,


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Dear Family,

****** and I pray all of you are doing well.

I am writing this out of concern for all of you. My guess is that you may be tempted to dismiss our concerns as unfounded and based on ignorance. (“What does *** know?”) But what I am sharing with you is based on the science, not based on what is being said by the mainstream media or even what is firmly believed by many (well-meaning people) in the medical establishment or people in the pharmaceutical industry (which by the way, spends $30B a year on medical marketing (and influencing the medical community) in the US alone). You may be tempted to make a snap judgment and write off my concerns as “well meaning but ill-informed.” But I am not asking you to take my word for anything. I am asking you to look at the evidence for yourself.


I am not an “anti-vaxxer.” The experts quoted in this email are not “anti-vaxxers.” I am NOT telling you not to take the experimental vaccines that are now available. I am just urging you to look at some of the science the mainstream media and others are not telling us about. And I am telling you that if you decide to take the “vaccine” it could cost you your health (or maybe even your life). The truth is, nobody knows. 

Listen to what a professor of molecular genetics has to say. Listen to what Pfizer’s Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory has to say. Listen to what doctors who have tried to share the truth about easy prevention and inexpensive treatments for SARS-CoV-2 (the disease caused by Covid-19) have to say. I encourage you to examine the evidence for yourself.

A brief examination of this information could take an hour or two. A thorough examination of this evidence could take several hours. You may not want to spend hours looking at evidence that could prove that what you think you know, is wrong. I understand that. Especially since so many “experts” (and the mainstream media) are saying the vaccines are “safe and effective.” But is a couple of hours of your time worth investing if it could affect the rest of your life and could even possibly prevent your early death?

We are being lied to on a massive scale. If you don’t believe me, let me give you what would seem to be a simple one question quiz. Is there currently a vaccine that is being given for the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus?

A- Yes.

B- No.

If you answered A- Yes, you are wrong. What is being given to millions of people is not a vaccine. It is an irreversible genetic modification; an experimental genetic modification that people are (at this point) volunteering to take in a medical trial. The “vaccine” is actually an experimental biological agent (being called a “vaccine”). Short (9 1/2 minute) video explanation by Dr. Wakefield-  You may think it is splitting hairs to point out that it’s not a vaccine. It may not bother you at all that by taking the experimental “vaccine” you will become a genetically modified organism (GMO). That’s fine. But the truth is, nobody knows what the long term adverse effects of you becoming genetically modified in this way, are. It has never been tried on humans before. Animals that received the “vaccine” for a similar Coronavirus (monkeys, ferrets and other animals in SARS-CoV-1 trials) died after they were exposed to the virus again a year later in the wild. And as the evidence clearly shows, this procedure could cost you your health, your life (or if you are a woman of child bearing age, it could prevent you from ever giving birth). Nobody knows. There have been no long term tests of this vaccine. You are enrolling in an experimental genetic modification trial if you take it (and you will be tracked so they can find out if it is safe.).

If, as numerous experts say, the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is very risky (due to the nature of the “vaccine”), and since it is unproven and if the Covid-19 virus is really not as dangerous as we are being told by many (WHO and CDC’s own figures show the death rate is about the same as the flu), and if it is something that can easily and cheaply be treated (and hundreds of studies now clearly show that- ( (about $12 per person, depending on the type of treatment) then is it really worth the risk of serious adverse health effects (including possible sterility or death) to take it?

I do not claim to be an expert. But I urge you to invest the time to listen to some people who are experts and to look at the evidence.-

A disclaimer to this doctor’s message. She says a couple of things toward the beginning of the message that may offend you. (Maybe particularly her statements about wearing masks.) I encourage you not to stop watching the video at that point. She presents a lot of very valuable information that you have probably not heard. This information is vital for you to have if you are going to truly make an informed choice about taking the “vaccine”(i.e.- enrolling in a medical trial to test an experimental biological agent)- (And yes, this message is almost an hour long.) As I mentioned- she is not an “anti-vaxxer.” All of her children have been vaccinated and she has been vaccinated as well (but not with the Covid-19 vaccine).-

The concept of “pathogenic priming” that she mentions is very real. According to studies published in top medical journals, people who get the flu shot for example, are 4.4 times more likely to get other illnesses (“secondary infections”) than those who don’t. (More info below.)

A recent US military study shows that people who have received the flu vaccine are 36% more likely to test positive to SARS-CoV2 than those who did not get the flu vaccine-

If you are interested in a little more of the science regarding the risks of the experimental vaccines now available, you might find this information from Dr. Delores Cahill, a professor of molecular genetics, of value. Prof. Dolores Cahill received her PhD in Immunology from Dublin City University in 1994. She was group leader of the Protein Technology Group in the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Genetics, Berlin, and is Professor of Translational Science at the UCD School of Medicine and Medical Sciences. I warn you- This information is chilling.The video is already cued up to start at the right place (35:34). I am sorry about the german language parts. You can fast forward through those (from 40:26 to 44:22, 47:58 to 49:26, 54:13 to 101:30 and 1:14:40 to 1:21:15. The English portion ends a couple minutes later at 1:23:15).-  (The English portion of the video is about 27 minutes long.)

It is amazing that so many people who are leary of eating GMO foods are now willing to become GMOs themselves. And possible future mass deaths of front line workers (nurses, doctors, military, police, etc.) is an awfully big risk to take.

(This paragraph is probably more suited for the more scientifically/medically minded and is technical in nature)- Here is a little information written by Dr. Michael Yeadon– He has a degree in bio-chemistry and toxicology, a research based PHD in respiratory pharmacology. After getting his PHD, he worked his entire life in research in the pharmaceutical industry (big Pharma and bio-tech). Specific focus in inflammation, immunology and allergies in research of diseases of the lungs and skin. He is very experienced in inflammation, immunology and pulmonology research.  He was Pfizer’s Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory. He “spent over 30 years leading new [allergy and respiratory] medicines research in some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies,” and retired from Pfizer with “the most senior research position in this field,” and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (who was the chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee). The following is an excerpt of a letter they wrote to an EU committee asking them to stop Covid-19 vaccine trials.  “VIII. For a vaccine to work, our immune system needs to be stimulated to produce a neutralizing antibody, as opposed to a non-neutralizing antibody. A neutralizing antibody is one that can recognize and bind to some region (‘epitope’) of the virus, and that subsequently results in the virus either not entering or replicating in your cells. A non-neutralizing antibody is one that can bind to the virus, but for some reason, the antibody fails to neutralize the infectivity of the virus. In some viruses, if a person harbors a non-neutralizing antibody to the virus, a subsequent infection by the virus can cause that person to elicit a more severe reaction to the virus due to the presence of the non-neutralizing antibody. This is not true for all viruses, only particular ones. This is called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), and is a common problem with Dengue Virus, Ebola Virus, HIV, RSV, and the family of coronaviruses. In fact, this problem of ADE is a major reason why many previous vaccine trials for other coronaviruses failed. Major safety concerns were observed in animal models. If ADE occurs in an individual, their response to the virus can be worse than their response if they had never developed an antibody in the first place. This can cause a hyperinflammatory response, a cytokine storm, and a generally dysregulation of the immune system that allows the virus to cause more damage to our lungs and other organs of our body. In addition, new cell types throughout our body are now susceptible to viral infection due to the additional viral entry pathway. There are many studies that demon***e that ADE is a persistent problem with coronaviruses in general, and in particular, with SARS-related viruses. ADE has proven to be a serious challenge with coronavirus vaccines, and this is the primary reason many of such vaccines have failed in early in-vitro or animal trials. For example, rhesus macaques who were vaccinated with the Spike protein of the SARS-CoV virus demon***ed severe acute lung injury when challenged with SARS-CoV, while monkeys who were not vaccinated did not. Similarly, mice who were immunized with one of four different SARS-CoV vaccines showed histopathological changes in the lungs with eosinophil infiltration after being challenged…”


(If you do a search to find information debunking Dr. Yeadon and Dr. Cahill, you will probably find websites that point out that they both thought the virus was ending last year (as the numbers of deaths were significantly decreasing). They were both wrong. Does that mean we can’t believe anything they say? Does that mean that decades of scientific work in their fields are to be discounted because they made a wrong analysis at one point? I urge you not to throw out the baby with the bathwater but to listen to what they are saying and to consider their expertise.)

This debate video is kind of a long video (over an hour) but there is some significant information here-

Here are a few notes I took while watching it-

In the initial Covid vaccine trial of 45 people, more than half of the people in the safety trial had side effects including fatigue, chills, headaches, muscle aches, pain at injection site. Human testing- 45 people tested (15 high dose, 15 medium dose, 15 low dose)- One of the low dose people (that’s 6%) got so sick they had to be hospitalized. In the high dose group, 3 people had to be hospitalized- that’s 20%! They are making 2B doses of that vaccine.

Fauci gave $500M (our money) into that vaccine. “He” (actually, the NIH) owns half the patent.

Three meta reviews involving hundreds of studies of masks. Majority of studies, (British Medical Journal study from 2015) showed masks more likely to spread disease. Masks likely to spread disease and make you less healthy due to CO2 being breathed and more likely to get sick.

Congress receives more money from Pharma than any other industry ($280M in 2018, $295M in 2019). There are more lobbyists of congress than there are members of congress and senate.

FDA gets 50% of its budget from vaccine companies!

CDC has $11.5B budget. $4.9B of that comes from buying, selling and distributing vaccines. The CDC is a vaccine company. CDC owns 57 vaccine patents.

NIH owns hundreds of vaccine patents. And owns ½ patent of Moderna vaccine.

Pentagon published a study- in Jan. found that getting the flu shot made people 36% more likely to get Coronoavirus. Six other major studies show the same thing.

Elderly life expectancy dramatically decreased since flu shots have been given. Who was more likely to get Covid? (observational)- Tended to be people who got flu shots. (elderly and first responders)

Flu vaccine- Fine tuned yearly. Originally, they said one shot for life. Now they say every year. “Likely to happen” with Covid vaccine (his opinion).

CDC says flu vaccine is 35% effective. Cochrane Collaboration (VERY respected org.) looked at 127 studies (2010, 2014, 2017), they say the flu vaccine is actually only 1-2.3% effective- That means you need 100 vaccinations to prevent one or two people from getting the flu! They also said there is no evidence at all that shows that the flu vaccine prevents any hospitalizations or any deaths. Thirdly, they said the flu shot transmits the flu. If you get the flu shot, you are 6 times more likely to give someone else the flu than if you didn’t get the flu shot.

70% of polio cases in the world today come from the polio vaccine.

You become an asymptomatic carrier-

Chicken pox (and other vaccines) manufacturers insert- if get vaccine, you shouldn’t go near pregnant woman or people who are immunocompromised for 6 weeks because you are a carrier. 

Cochrane and BMJ (British Med. Journal) found that those who get flu vaccine are protected against that strain of the flu but they are 4.4 x’s more likely to get a non-flu infection.

Pathogenic priming- injures immune system so you are more likely to get non flu viral upper respiratory infection.

Flu shot primes you for Covid.

Pfizer (one of the two vaccine makers) has paid $3.9 Billion in criminal fines for lying about the safety of vaccines, and falsifying medical trials, etc.

But no, a pharmaceutical company or a company like Monanto would never lie about the safety of their products, right? (How many thousands of farmers in India and other countries have died from Round Up? And yet they go right on selling it.)

As somewhat of a side note, my guess is that you may not know this either- Since 1986, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been legally obligated (by Congress) to conduct safety studies and issue a safety report on children’s vaccinations every two years. In 2018, it was determined they had never done so (35 years of failing to comply). It is therefore left up to non-governmental groups to do the work the CDC refuses to do. Doctors in Portland recently finished a large, long term study on childhood vaccines. The study lasted 10 1/2 years and involved 3,300 children. They found that children who received at least 90% of the recommended vaccines ended up going to the doctor 25 times as often as those who received none of the vaccines– Not only were there numerous health effects in the vaccinated group but a couple of things stand out to me as being noteworthy- Zero of the 561 unvaccinated patients in the study had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) compared to 5.3% of the (partially and fully) vaccinated.  The overall rate of autism spectrum disorder (0.361%) in the cohort is one-fifth that of the US national rate (1.851%).

In the “silver lining on a dark cloud” category, it may be worth mentioning that the CDC (after being sued) recently removed a headline from one of their webpages that claimed, “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism”. Story HERE. And the AMA (American Medical Association) has finally (after millions have needlessly died) said that Hydroxychloroquine may be helpful in treating Covid-19-


Because I like to look at the science myself, I looked at Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine trial. I was surprised to see so many reported side effects from the vaccine (based on the study (which only monitored  people for a little over two months (9 weeks) after getting the vaccine). I am surprised that there were so many immediate adverse reactions but these may not bother you. It occurs to me that this is not a mild vaccine. (Early report I saw showed 50x’s the number of reported adverse effects as the flu vaccine.)-

Thousands of people have been unable to work or perform daily activities, or required care from a health care professional, after getting the new COVID-19 vaccine, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

“Pfizer has said its vaccine is 95 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 in those without prior infection 7 days or more after the second dose. Drug regulators said last month in issuing emergency use authorization that data is not available to show how long the vaccine would provide protection, “nor is there evidence that the vaccine prevents transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from person to person.””– source-

That means (as Dr. Fauci has said) that people may still be forced to wear masks and social distance and shut down small businesses across the country in the name of public safety. And nobody knows how long the protection may last. People may “need” vaccinations yearly, or even more often. We don’t know.

The truth FINALLY comes out after millions have needlessly died– Hydroxychloroquine- American Journal of Medicine. This 3 1/2 minute video is VERY worth watching. It exposes a bit of how massively we have all been lied too-

I don’t want to make this email too long so I won’t expand on this but at least one country that has more comorbidities than the US (obesity, Diabetes, etc.) has a small fraction of the deaths? and many countries have just a fraction of Covid deaths even though some of them have high rates of infection. Can you explain that in any other way than by admitting that what has been widely known in many countries of the world, has been and still is being suppressed by an industry (big Pharma) that stands to make trillions of dollars on a product that they have absolutely zero liability for? Even if hundreds of millions of people died, they could not be sued for one cent.

Do you know why? It’s because big pharma approached congress and said “vaccines are unavoidably dangerous” and said they were going to stop manufacturing them unless they were shielded from all liability. So Congress (money talks) passed a law making pharmaceutical companies completely shielded from lawsuits regardless of the number of people who are injured or killed by vaccines. (The government has a fund to pay (difficult to prove) lawsuits and has paid out $3.9Billion to people injured by vaccines and to families of people who have been killed by them. (100’s of thousands of deaths.)

Do you think this was a coincidence?

“Founder of vaccine safety website, ex-pharma insider found dead”-

And if you want to hear about the risks of the Covid-19 vaccines straight from the horse’s mouth (and the $12 per person- safe and effective prevention or treatment alternative isn’t to your liking), you can always just risk what the FDA says you are risking by taking the Covid-19 vaccine

The 22 potential adverse effects listed on the official Food and Drug Admini***ion website are:


Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis





Narcolepsy and cataplexy


Acute Myocardial Infarction


Autoimmune disease


Pregnancy and birthoutcomes

Other acute demyelinating diseases

Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions


Disseminated intravascular coagulation

Venous thromboembolism

Arthritis and arthralgia/jointpain

Kawasaki disease

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children

Vaccine enhanced disease


In this email, I did not get into explaining things like the fact that Vitamin C, D, Zinc (etc.) have been shown to be effective in preventing and treating Covid. (I read about one city in Europe that gave Vitamin D to its citizens and the protection was about the same as what is reported to be the protection from the vaccine. And nobody got sick or died from the Vitamin D.)

Here are the reported serious adverse effects of the Covid vaccine in the US so far (as of January 22nd)-

(source:  And yes, I know, millions of people have gotten the vaccine. But if Covid can be prevented and easily and cheaply treated, why does even one person need to have health problems or die from the vaccine?

Lastly, here is a link to a video message from a gal who says her name is Shawn Stelton. I watched this a couple of weeks ago and went and found her facebook page. She and her facebook page seemed legit (although I didn’t spend too much time checking out her facebook page). She seems to be authentic (although her FB page has now been removed)- A health care worker (CNA) who received the Moderna vaccine. Here is her message. I have no way of verifying that this is a real situation. The way her stomach convulses, etc. makes me think she is for real. But again, she could be faking. I am including this because it puts a face on what may be a very dangerous procedure spreading across the globe –

So I ask you again: If, as numerous experts say, the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is very risky due to the nature of the “vaccine,” and since it is unproven; and if the Covid-19 virus is really not as dangerous as we are being told by many (WHO and CDC’s own figures show the death rate is about the same as the flu), and if it is something that can easily and cheaply be prevented and treated (and hundreds of studies now clearly show that- (about $12 per person, depending on the type of treatment) then is it really worth the risk of serious adverse health effects (including possible sterility or death) to take it?

Very short video on the effectiveness of different types of masks-

In love,


P.S. If you are still reading this and you are thinking “Well, maybe Dr. Fauci and other “experts” didn’t know that Hydroxychloorquine and zinc are so effective at preventing and treating the Coronavirus.” Well, that would be nice. Too bad it’s not true- 

And here’s a link to the fraudulent study that was published in the Lancet Journal-the most prestigious medical journal in the world. It was totally fraudulent and they retratected it within a couple of weeks ( not before the media and the FDA etc. took off with the lies about Hydroxychloriquine being dangerous- ( So, did the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, the AMA and the media etc. correct the lie as soon as the study was retracted, in May? How about a month later? 6 months later? 9 months later? I think you know the answer to those questions. It’s been almost a year and you may still believe that Hydroxychloroquine is a dangerous drug. Even if you work in the medical field!!! That’s how big the lies are.

P.S.S. Still reading? Wow! Here’s a bit more for you. Check out this link. It tells which countries are using Hydroxychloroquine and which aren’t. And guess which countries have the least and most deaths from Covid? Wow! They line up amazingly. Check it out for yourself. (You say “Oh, but Americans and other western nations have more comorbidities (like obesity and Diabetes).” Good try. Sorry, there are nations with higher rates of comorbidities and yet they have just a tiny fraction of the death rate- 

And Hydroxychloroquine (with zinc) is just one of the numerous cheap and effective ways of preventing and treating Covid-19.

P.S.S.S. Let me know if you want more information on preventing or treating Covid, etc. I have a bunch of interesting stuff- studies, videos, etc.

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